We are here in Kannur to Support and Survive Together.

Vehicles and logistics have key role in everyones life.It becomes more relevent in a crisis of disaster and pandemics.

Join Us to support the society by delivering service as a transport solution provider

  • Your service will be accounted.
  • You will be paid by concerned Departments.
  • We have priority on your safety.
  • You will be given proper guidance.
  • You will be trained to perform better.

Workshop Information

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Choose the Taluk and Municipality/Panchayt where the vehicle is Click Search..

If not available search sameway in nearby Municipality/Panchayat Contact Workshop in the number provided

While attending service keep covid 19 protocol

Make sure you are paying as per existing rates

Complaints and feed backs can be addressed to

District Secretary Association of automobile workshops Kerala, Kannur at +91 9447685934 and MVD control room at +91 9188963113for improvement of the service.


Safety Service And Technology

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